Job Title: Fabricator
Department: Fabrication
Reports to: Fabrication Lead
Position Type: Full Time, Hourly


Job Summary:

The Fabricator executes all work assigned to them by the team lead in the creation of custom fabricated products including architectural signage, lighting, displays and graphic elements. The Fabricator uses his conceptual skills to help generate valid fabrication plans for the work assigned to them. The work includes cutting materials, fitting, welding, using adhesives to bond materials and material preparation for the paint process.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for understanding the hours associated with the specific process involved in the work that is assigned and working toward the labor budgets provided by the team lead.
  • Accountable for executing to planned labor budgets by helping create and understand a fabrication plan that is in line with the labor budget for a specific assignment. If the labor budgets are not sufficient, the reasons why are elevated to the team lead and/or the Production Manager.
  • Responsible for helping to develop execution strategies that reflect the specific quality and finish levels for the given elements and meeting specific delivery schedules.
  • Responsible for accurately measuring and precisely cutting materials involved in the assigned work.  
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe working environment and adhering to company policy for safe work practices. Uses the required PPE For all hazardous practices and materials used in the course of the work. Maintains safety compliance via the use of proper practices and equipment. Responsible for maintaining safe practices as described by all Job Hazard Analysis’ when indicated.
  • Responsible for maintaining the current 5S program and any other housekeeping responsibilities as set forth by Ownership or Production Management.
  • Use of hand, bench and standalone metal processing equipment including, but not limited to, Sanders, Drills, Grinders, Die grinders, Cutoff saws, Manual sheet metal breaks, Sheet metal rolls, Shearing equipment, Table saws, etc.
  • Welding, Fitting, and basic conceptual and shop drawing interpretation.
  • Works with the team lead to understand the work assignments provided, the quality level required, the deliver deadlines and related labor budgets in the form of target hours.
  • Negotiates with the team lead to agree on reasonable labor budgets, if estimated budgets are not adequate. This may mean that the finished product will differ from what is considered to be the preferred result. If a different result is adequate to conform to the quality requirements of the project, as agreed to by the Account Executive and/or Project Manager then these revised techniques can be considered when negotiating the acceptable labor budgets.
  • Once the work plan and associated labor budgets are established, the Fabricator executes to the plan as efficiently as possible. The team lead monitors labor expenditures. The Fabricator cooperates with this process by communicating the hours that have been involved in the work to the team lead at regular intervals.

Preferred Experience:

  • Minimum of two years’ experience in architectural fabrication or five years’ experience in general metal fabrication and welding.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand metal fabrication concepts and shop drawings.
  • General understanding of custom “one off” business principles.
  • Experience in a shop environment to the extent that a good understanding of shop safety practices are maintained. .
  • Excellent Written and verbal communication skills.


Please submit resumes to:

Patty Armstrong
HR Manager