Project Management

“The sign package at Mirabella included sophisticated designs that called for high fit and finish, and the accelerated schedule created a real test for the fabricator. CRĒO provided a dedicated, hands-on project manager to the project, who worked through challenges and stayed on top of the project at every step. The final products were beautifully crafted and the project was completed on budget, much to the delight of the client.”

Meg Faye
Fayeworks Design

In many cases, the most challenging aspect of the project is the management of all the different people and processes required to deliver a quality environmental graphics package on time and on budget. Doing so takes an understanding of a project’s critical path, and the ability to stay one step ahead of the process, anticipating obstacles and clearing them from the project’s path. That kind of project management expertise can only come from experience, and CRĒO Industrial Arts has more experience with complex graphics projects than anyone in the country.

  • Value Engineering
    • Alternate Materials Recommendations
    • Alternate Construction/Finishing Methods
  • Onsite Installation Supervision
    • Field Coordination
    • Verification of As-Built Conditions
    • Blocking & Electrical Requirements
    • Final Location & Position Survey
    • Schedule & Access Coordination with GC and other Trades
  • Validation of Design Intent through samples, mock-ups and prototypes.