Fort Casey

Project Details

Owner: Washington State Parks
Location: Whidbey Island, WA
Designer: One + Two and CREO Exhibits

About the Project

Fort Casey, on Whidbey Island, a Washington State Park of historical significance, dreamed up a project to provide interpretation for the park 14 years ago.  The design intent was developed but sat until the Park received funding.  Thus, when CREO was brought on board, they became an integral partner to the creation of this package, which walks visitors through the park telling its story through educational signage, replicas, and accessible structures.  CREO coordinated with the Park stakeholders – historical experts, consultants, designers, and volunteers – working with them hand in hand to seamlessly guide the process.  Amber Estrella, the project manager, teamed with the historical writers, to help edit and compose interpretive panels both through content and graphics.  And, the project team worked closely with historical preservation officers to ensure secure attachment of each element without adversely impacting the fabric of the historical structures.